Healthy To-Go Package

Looking to keep an eye on or improve your health, fitness and wellbeing? Then the Healthy To-Go package is for you.

In our Healthy-To-Go package we’ve created something for everyone —whether you are an elite athlete in peak physical condition, a parent-to-be, someone worried about protecting his or herself and loved ones from COVID-19 or someone managing a chronic disease. If you want to monitor or improve your health, this package is perfect for you. All information uploaded from the platform is reviewed by your doctor, which means if something goes wrong, even before you notice it, the platform notices and alerts your doctor immediately. With the Healthy To-Go Package, users can…

  • Sync I’M HOME!® digital app to medical and fitness devices
  • Record temperature
  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Count steps
  • Track sleep patterns
  • Count calories
  • …and more
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