How Ceras health helps patients

Empowering patients in monitoring their own health

Ceras Health’s platform was built with patients in mind. Our services and technology take the worry out of life by providing your doctors and clinical staff with real-time health data and open communication avenues. On our platform, we have a comprehensive list of services covered including remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, behavioral health, transition care management, and wellness technology. This not only prevents readmissions to the hospital or your doctor’s office, but also allows you to live your life, knowing it’s in good hands. Our patient care coordination network ensures timely communication with clinical staff and providers to stay on top of early detection and preventative measures, keeping you healthy during the process and maintaining the continuum of care. We’re also able to assist in your medication and prescription management. Bottom line, Ceras Health will save you time and money, as fewer trips to seek additional medical assistance means more money you get to keep for yourself. It also leads to fewer copays and dramatically reduced bills. Worried about the cost? Don’t be. Our platform is accepted by most insurance carriers providing a highly affordable service that will greatly benefit your wellbeing. With peace of mind, extra money in your pocket, the ability to speak directly to doctors, and your health being actively monitored, what else do you need?

Worry Less

  • Higher chances for earlier detection with health alerts
  • Tracker syncing makes input effortless

Spend Less

  • Eliminate unnecessary copays from readmissions
  • Decrease insurance premiums with better health

Enjoy Life More

  • Spend less time in hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Learn on your own how to improve health conditions with our learning library

Easily incorporates into everyday life so taking care of your health is not an imposition

  • Monitoring activities feels effortless with the ability to easily sync tracker devices, like Fitbits and Blood Pressure monitors.
  • Just found out you’re adding a new addition to the family? Share important health information easily with those who need it.
  • Easily monitor your health on a regular basis to stay healthy. Already in good health? Great! Now let’s keep it that way. Stay fit with our wellness program and fitness features.

Ceras Health Provides Overall Improved Health Outcomes

Early disease
detection for
higher survival

24/7 access to
your providers
and care team

Less time spent
in hospitals
& doctors' offices