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Welcome to the future of healthcare

Ceras Health‘s proactive technology provides patients with a direct connection to those responsible for their care 24/7. Patients now have greater control over their wellbeing, resulting in better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

Innovative technology. A healthier you.

Imagine transmitting your medical, fitness and overall wellness stats to clinical professionals from anywhere, anytime —instantly. Ceras Health has turned this possibility into a reality, and it’s improving the lives of thousands of people every day. Our cloud-based technology provides a secure, connection to your dedicated care team directly from your smart devices.

Keeping you connected.

A healthy life. It’s what we all strive to achieve. Ceras Health has developed an innovative platform that connects you to healthcare professionals before and after your appointment. Now, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is your 24/7 online portal to a better healthcare experience.

Transforming the health care experience

The Ceras Health platform offers physicians a way to improve patient outcomes while increasing operational efficiencies. The 3-part system remotely monitors each patient’s health status 24/7, allowing doctors to make important, timely treatment decisions and detect issues requirin immediate attention. Our robust software provides doctors with unprecedented online capabilities to monitor and manage their patients’ health while reducing the number of hours required for administrative and clerical duties. The Ceras Health platform is accepted by most insurance carriers.

Our focus: early detection and 24/7 care management

Our services cover the entire spectrum, from preventative medicine to managing chronic diseases

Remote Monitoring


Patients are able to complete office visits and recieve care from providers via video/audio connection through a smartphone, notebook or computer.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Safe, secure ongoing tracking by Care Coordinators of each patient’s important health data like blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate. Doctors are immedately alerted of abnormalities.

Digital App: I’m Home®

Transitional Care Management

Assistance provided to patients during the transition from hospitals to home, helping to ease peace of mind, minimize confusion and greatly reduce the rate of hospital readmissions.

Medication Management

Chronic Care Management

Care Coordinators provide patients support and assistance to better understand their conditions and diseases, manage medications, answer questions and ultimately eliminate worries and confusion.

Patient Care Coordination

Behavioral Health

Care Coordinators work to ensure patient’s physial and mental conditions remain stable by providing depression screenings, ensuring patients have a lifeline, and reporting updates back to providers regularly.

Activity trackers


Customized wellness plans are developed based on patient health data gathered through the I’M HOME!® platform to promote positive lifestyle changes and allow patients to be proactive in the management of their own wellbeing.

Beyond healthcare professionals:
Serving the community as a whole


Helping doctors enhance standards of care and improve intimacy with patients while increasing office efficiency


Providing users with a streamlined 24/7 platform to improve health management

Care Givers

Enabling seamless interactions between internal and external care teams and patients for optimal results

Third Party Affiliates

Helping improve life quality of patients in nursing homes and external care facilities


Providing an option to offer employees additional benefits that lead to improved health and productivity


Helping hospitals increase efficiency, reduce spending and decrease readmissions

Ceras Partners

Providing special benefits for our partners and each of their members

Public Health Organizations

Providing a platform that tracks data to monitor diseases and health trends

Anytime, anywhere access

With a global network that connects providers, patients, and other members of the care team, we’ve taken healthcare far beyond the walls of hospitals and doctors’ offices. Now, patients can access their health records, documents, and care plans on the go. With Ceras' cutting edge technology, patients can track their progress and securely message care providers whenever needed. .

Ceras Health has your healthcare covered