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Why choose Ceras Health?

Ceras Health is a place where digitization meets humanization. We combine healthcare management and the conveniences of modern technology with a human touch. The platform consists of revolutionary technologies and a patient care coordination network designed to provide superior outcomes for patients, providers, and other users.

Ceras Health Digital Technology

Our technologies make it simple for users to transmit their general health and wellness data such as vital readings, fitness statistics, dietary habits, and sleep and mental conditions to clinical personnel with the goal of detecting new disease symptoms or supplementing proactive treatment for existing chronic and behavioral health conditions. Our applications make it easy for users to effortlessly sync devices like Fitbits and blood pressure monitors, utilize 24/7 access to their care team via our secured instant communication network, and collect and share medical data including diagnoses, authorizations, and lab results from their personal health vault. Our technology integrations make it very easy for doctor offices, hospitals, public health, and government organizations to connect and gain deeper real-time insights into the population wellness and how diseases are affecting the world as a whole.

Patient Care Coordination Network

Our patient care coordination network goes well beyond traditional patient portals and EHR systems. We utilize real human beings who are certified clinicians that act as a direct extension of the office clinical staff to effectively triage patient issues. In doing so, we’re able to alleviate a clinician’s direct focus on critical patient care while simultaneously providing patients with quick access, a continuum of care, and ultimately positive patient outcomes. Additionally, we ensure that providers remain compliant with patient care activities and that all care team individuals involved in assisting the patients are fully informed in a timely manner.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Lives

Ceras Health’s primary focus of early detection, preventive medicine, and proactive management of existing conditions means users can save money from decreased office visits, copays, unnecessary prescriptions, emergency room visits, reduced readmissions, and overall treatment. In most cases, our service requires little to no copay and is fully covered by many insurance companies. Ceras Health can greatly benefit providers, as well. Our platform improves patient engagement with timely interventions and increases revenue resulting from the elimination of no shows and reimbursable ongoing care management services, without the need for additional staff. Ceras Health isn’t just about making lives easier. We aim to save lives.

From preventative medicine to chronic disease care, our robust platform has it covered

Early detection and effective chronic care management to ensure better outcomes

Our monitoring technology covers the whole spectrum from preventative medicine to chronic pain management. We take the worry out of your life so that you’re free to live as you want to without the hassle of making visits to the doctor or emergency room. In the event that an emergency occurs, though, our services allow you to directly message clinical personnel in a secure way to effectively handle any health obstacles that might come your way. Rest assured that our proprietary technology will keep you and your loved ones safe so that you can enjoy your life, without worry.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Continuous engagement between doctors and patients through digital devices that track  activities and detect  specific symptoms for early intervention and reduction in developing chronic diseases.

Patient Care Coordination

Behavioral Health Integration

Quality coordinated service using a medical and psychological integrated approach  to improve the mental and physical health of patients resulting in more positive outcomes.

Digital App: I’m Home®

Transitional Care Management

Focused medical and psychosocial assistance provided to patients during the transition from hospitals to outpatient facilities. This greatly reduces  the rate of hospital readmissions.

Medication Management

Chronic Care Management

Chronic disease management service that helps patients understand their diseases, manage their medications, ease their worries of medication dependency, reduce adverse side affects and provide collaboration with their doctors.

Activity trackers


At Ceras Health helping our clients maintain a peak level of wellness is imperitive to helping them live a higher quality life. Wellness is beyond being free of disease, it is a mental transformation leading to beneficial growth .

Automatic Patient Alerts

Automatic Patient Alerts

Instant notifications and alarms sent digitally to notify patients and doctors when a health concern needs attention. Patient safety and outcomes are drastically improved.

From doctors to patients and anyone in between, Ceras health is here to help


Ceras Health allows doctors to focus on patient care, while we provide important health data to complement their plan


Patients are able to streamline their healthcare experience with the added benefit of telemedicine and 24/7 access to providers and clinical staff.

Care Team

Ceras Health provides a seamless interaction between your internal and external care teams to ensure optimal treatment.


Provide your employees with additional benefits that lead to improved health and less sick days.

Third-Party Affiliates

Find out how Ceras Health can benefit you in nursing homes and other external care facilities.

Insurance Agencies

Cut back on time and money wasted by keeping your customers healthy and happy with less intervention.

Ceras Partners

Partnering with Ceras Health can benefit not only your organization but each individual member within it.

Public Health Organizations

Ceras Health provides trend analytics and real-time data to assist in identifying potential health epidemics.

Connected technology taking healthcare beyond hospitals and doctors offices

With a global network that connects providers, patients, and other members of the care team, the inconveniences and frustrations involving timely communication are easily eliminated. And even better, patients can access their health records, documents, and care plans on the go. With Ceras' cutting edge technology, patients can track their progress and securely message care providers whenever needed. By giving both patients and providers access to healthcare data, optimal prognoses and outcomes can be reached for both. Additionally, Ceras Health’s electronic health records service allows for all patient documents and care information to be conveniently organized and easily accessible for patients and their appropriate care team members. This feature eliminates conflicts with medications and prescriptions. At Ceras Health, we are empowering patients to be in charge of their health and how they receive care.

Ceras Health has your healthcare covered